Why Kumquat Cupcakery's Bite-Sized Treats Rise Above the Cupcake Competition

As the national cupcake wars wage on, Keavy Landreth of New York's Kumquat Cupcakery makes the case for why hers are the very best.

Brooklynite Keavy Landreth studied Illustration at Parsons before enrolling in a pastry program at the French Culinary Institute. She didn't need a degree to decide that New York cupcakes, while stirring up a sweet frenzy, were too dry, too sweet, or too big. Kumquat Cupcakery was born from a secret batter recipe and a frosting base cut with whipped cream cheese. If you're curious Angelenos can get them by special order on her website. Or, more conveniently, consult this handy list for the best in your neighrbohood:


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