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When it comes to personal banking, convenience, security and ways to save money should be the top three items on everyone's financial check list.

LA Financial Credit Union -- a community credit union with a proud 75 year history -- delivers on all three, yet some consumers still believe banking at a credit union would be more difficult than sticking with one of the bigger banks.

To dispel this common misconception, let's take a closer look at how LA Financial Credit Union can save you money.

Lower Rates
As a not for profit credit union that's owned by its account holders, LA Financial Credit Union can offer really low rates on new and used cars, motorcycles, boats and homes.

24-Hour Access
Members get convenient access to their money thanks to 24 hour home and mobile banking. Additionally, members can use thousands of shared branches nationwide.

More ATMs
LA Financial Credit Union has more surcharge-free ATMs than even the biggest bank in the nation.

LA Financial Credit Union is available to anyone living or working in LA County. Contemplating making the switch? For more information and an online membership application, go to

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