Wildlife Learning Center: St. Patty’s Party

Spend the afternoon learning about cool reptiles at the Sylmar animal preserve.

Wildlife Learning Center

UPDATE: This event has been canceled. Call the Wildlife Learning Center for more upcoming happenings.


ST. PATRICK... and the banishing of the snakes from Ireland is a centuries-old legend, one that gets revisited, quite often, when the middle of March comes back around. And while honoring the saint's namesake day on the 17th of March is what many revelers will do, there is a way to raise a glass of ale and also learn a lot about our reptile friends, what they eat, how they thrive, and the oodles of interesting tidbits that paint a larger picture of the snakedom. You probably won't head down to your local tavern for beer and cool snake info — though we can't say for sure, since your local tavern may excel in both — but you can toodle for the Wildlife Learning Center, in Sylmar, for two hours of reptile-related revelery as well as, you got it, green beer. 

SNAKES AND GREEN BEER? That sounds pretty dang holiday-riffic, but take note that the afternoon-into-evening party is happening on Saturday, March 18, the day after St. Patrick's Day. A ticket is $25, but arrive with a bit of extra cash, as food trucks will also play a part in the celebration. The stupendous, social media-riffic centerpiece to the 5 to 7 p.m. event? A chance to pose in a snapshot with a python. Not just any python, mind you, but one that stretches on for 15 feet. The scaly superstar is one of the exciting elements of a one-hour presentation devoted to our snakely friends. Are you ready to stow the shamrocks for snakes for a couple of hours on March 18? It's a nature-awesome to-do, one with learning about animals, green beer, and holiday spirit at its heart.

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