Williams and Branagh Talk Monroe

The stars will visit The Egyptian.

My Week with Marilyn

There's no mystery to it: Putting on a major, watched-around-the-world awards show takes hundreds of people and hundreds of hours (or, more accurately, days) and crack operational skills galore. You try and wrangle dozens of famous people with famously busy schedules. Easy? Ha.

But. The surprise gifts that spin off from an awards show are often spontaneous and spectacular. Take the run-up week to the Golden Globes. Stars are showing in droves -- droves! -- so all sorts of places cobble together screenings and talks, some on the fly.

And the latest to alight? American Cinematheque just announced a "My Week with Marilyn" screening at the Egyptian on Wednesday, Jan. 11. And who should be there? The stars who play Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier in the film. Yep, Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh will be in the house. Or the theater, rather. Q&Aing and such.

Tickets best be got on, if you're going to get on 'em. Tickets are $11 each.

Okay, Golden Globes Week. That was impressive. We're ready for more surprise goodness of a cinematic sort. Whaddya got?

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