Winter Storms, Sun(dance) Shines

Eleven days of buzzy-buzzy film. Starts. Now!

Puppy Survives Inferno

It can be hard for some Angelenos in the movie-making business to trade LA's famous roasty winter days, full of sun and beach, for the cold slopes of Park City.

Just joshing. It's cold here. It's cold there (word on the Sundance site as of this typing: Snow/Fog 23 degrees). No need to change clothes on the plane.

The 2010 Sundance Film Festival -- or, if you're going by the banners, call it SundanceTwentyTen -- bows on Thursday, January 21st, attracting hordes upon hordes of filmmakers and film lovers, many from our own fair, if fairly damp, city.

What's the news this year? There were over 9,000 submissions. Out of those -- wait for it -- 200 got in. Works on the screen will include a film by the famously elusive Brit artist Banksy, a documentary about Joan Rivers, and a slate of movies starring indie movie titans like Jesse Eisenberg and Ryan Gosling.

And the Kristin Stewart/Dakota Fanning Joan Jett-a-thon "The Runaways"; looking forward.

The biggest news of this festival, some would suggest, is Sundance's firm vow to return to its edgier, scrappier, less-cover-of-tabloid-y roots. NEXT is the name of the return-to-form push; read more.

Final fest date is Sunday, January 31st. We'll be following along via PopcornBiz.

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