Woodstock People: Share Your Memories ASAP

Much like the famously laissez faire, "it's all cool man" vibe of the most famous music festival of all time -- we're saying it, because is there another that can compare? -- we became a bit relaxed about the GRAMMY Museum's search for Woodstock-related memories.

It's all cool man, we thought.  The 40th anniversary of thousands of people feeling good to the music doesn't land until August. The GRAMMY Museum's Woodstock exhibit won't open for weeks. Chill.

And then downtown_la kindly reminded us that July 10th is the deadline if you were at Woodstock and want to share memories/anecdotes/feelings/pictures/whatnot.  Wow. Okay.

Here's the relaxed, easy-peasy portion of all of this: if you were dancing in the mud back in August of '69, and do have photos showing your muddy happy self, there's a simple way to upload 'em at the museum site. So no need to drive downtown in a flurry over the next day, or turn to overnight mail. Uploading will do.

The GRAMMY Museum also points out that if you had a ticket, and had a plan to go to Woodstock, but didn't make it, for whatever reason -- flat-tire mishap, weather mishap, The Man, what have you --  they still want to hear from you. Now that is righteous.  Like, beautiful, like a star, or a leaf.

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