Woof Woof: Calabasas Canine Classic

Help out local organizations while fresh-air-ing it up with your Fido.

APRIL ARRIVES IN A FLASH: Many of us, when the new year arrives, vow to get more exercise, eat better, get outside regularly, and, in general, pump it up. Resolutions also often entail giving back and helping out and becoming more aware of what those around us might need and how we can play a positive part in their world. So we set some resolution goals, around January 1, and we look to the calendar to see if there's an upcoming event when we can put all of those good plans into action. April, being the fourth month of the calendar, is a fine time to check in with our resolution-making, to see if we've kept at it. Have we? Are we helping out, lending a hand, raising funds? Are we getting more exercise, too? The Canine Classic, which marks its 15th in 2015, is an excellent event to stick with your year-beginning promises, and to spend some quality time with your pup, too (as well as the pups belonging to other people). The end-of-April 5K walk/run is happening is in Calabasas, at Juan Bautista de Anza Park, where some participants will show with their tail-waggers and some will just come for the run. Oh, and the festival, too, which will be full of animal-nice organizations, live entertainment, and a beer garden, too, to cool your heels after the walk/run.

THE SUNDAY, APRIL 26 FESTIVAL... includes a Behavior Buddies training demo, a dog agility play area, a dog adoption area, a place for kids' activities, and other dog-human good time-fun-having stuff. The festival is free to attend, which hound-loving humans should if they're needing any dog-focused info or items (over 30 canine-themed vendors'll be on the grounds). As for money raised at the 5K? That will go to help out Life Animal Rescue, Rotary Club of Calabasas, and the Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center. As to whether you'll put a cute kerchief on your pup? That's optional, but sunblock for you is not -- it is often a sunshine-laden day, pure Calabasas spring-style, and water for both you and your four-footer, and SPF-y creams and hats, are in order.

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