“World's Greatest” Free Sneak Peek

The many flavors of Robin Williams include manic and funny and deep. "World's Greatest Dad," his latest film -- written and directed by none other than comedian Bobcat Goldthwait -- taps principally into the last quality, the one seen in flicks such as "Dead Poet's Society" and "The Fisher King." Though we should mention that this also is most certainly a comedy -- again, Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait -- although a dark, squirmy one. Topic: A dad disappointed by, oh, many things, his mouthy teenage son, them both figuring stuff out. Or not? Just see it.

It's been getting the love -- it's fresh on Rotten Tomatoes -- hug you, Rotten Tomatoes -- and it is getting a sneak preview with its director in tow on Monday, August 17th (it officially opens on the 21st). Best of all, it is free. Second best of all, it is on a Monday night, when free sneak peeks are really needed. Get to Silent Movie Theatre -- on the early side, there will likely be a line -- for the 8PM showing. No cash needed. Unless you want treats?

We also see that Lorraine Nicholson, Jack's baby girl -- we've seen her with her dad at award shows, all gussied up -- is in the flick. IMDB tells us her resume is growing. Robin Williams has pulled out his Jack Nicholson impression once or twice or a dozen times. Doesn't it all dovetail in Hollywood, eventually? Yes.

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