Avalon Ball Tickets on Sale

MAY MARVELOUS: We'll wager that someone, somewhere in Los Angeles, is uttering the words "May Gray" pretty much every few minutes from May 1-30, but not so much in late November and early December, a time that doesn't bring fog so much as clear, crisp days. (The festive fog of madly prepping for the holidays is another matter altogether.) But we're asking you to summon May Gray, and ocean breezes, and thoughts of Catalina, and the vision of you standing on a balcony in your shiniest garb at the Avalon Ball. That's because tickets are now on sale for one of the splashiest events on the Casino calendar.

SWING SWING: The date is May 14, 2011, which is juuuust about a half year away. But figure that a ticket or two for your favorite sweetheart would make a fine stocking stuffer. In fact, you should go one better: Get the Best Value Avalon Ball Package listed on the site, which includes an island stayover. Did your eyes just glaze over, in a dreamy way, when you read the words "island stayover"? We could barely type it for the dreamy eye-glazing.

IN SHORT: Dancing to the big band sounds of Dean Mora and then a Catalina sleepover. Good stuff. About as good as stuff can possibly get.

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