Before & After Holiday Getaway

Garden Court Hotel

GARDEN COURT HOTEL: We've said before that adding "-ini" to any business name to create a signature cocktail makes us instantly warm to said business. It's chutzpah is all, served in a chilled glass. Garden Court in Palo Alto pours a Gardini, and it will be doing so for guests signing up for the Before & After Holiday Getaway Package.

THE SPECIFICS: Stay before or after Dec. 25 -- hence the name -- and get a lot of hotel-y love in the form of complimentary sips and complimentary Sprinkles cupcakes and complimentary gift wrapping on any holiday shopping you do (there are several major stores in the vicinity). And there are some other possibilities, like room upgrades and restaurant credits and such. The "Before" package is $399 and the "After" package is $399 as well. Easy to remember. As easy as a Gardini. Details.

OH, AND TWO FAVORITE WORDS: "Late Departure." Meaning 4 p.m. Yessss. Watch out, Gardini, you will have to definitely share the headline here.

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