Big Bay Whale Days

BIG TAIL TIME: The whale festivals glide into California starting just about now, which makes sense; we're in the thick of go-out-on-a-boat-and-try-and-spy-some-beauties season. And while there are several whale-oriented gatherings to choose from -- the Dana Point and Mendocino fests will both happen in March in 2011 -- the San Diego Big Bay Whale Days are going on throughout January, with the centerpiece Whale Festival just ahead. Saturday, January 22, to be specific.

HAPPENINGS: There will be boat-ride discounts aplenty at the festival. Plus several arty displays and kidly to-dos. And a concert, too. Get the details, and bundle up; the whales have all that lovely blubber, while we humans have to layer, and remember a hat with a wind-cheating chin strap.

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