Caesars Palace “Hangover” Deal

Rainbows. Ice Cream. And the movie-hotel tie-in. We love all of those things, but the latter especially intrigues and amuses. We're thinking of "Somewhere in Time" and the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island -- aren't you? -- yes you are, sigh-fi fans -- and all of the many overnighteries that have become linked to famous films that use them, lushly, magnificently, as settings.

Now Caesars Palace has joined its hotel brethren as a movie that received mondo screen time in a hit flick. That film, of course, is "The Hangover," the early-summer hit that burned it up via word-of-mouth and Twittertopia. The bachelor party, the messed-up suite, the mattress hanging off the side of the roof... A hotel has to have a sense of humor to go there. But Caesars is pretty much smack-dab in the center of The Strip, so a sense of humor it assuredly has.

To honor its most recent foray into filmdom, that palace of all things Caesar is doing a "Hangover"-themed package, complete with food and beverage credits. There are pool passes and credit. There's even a "Hangover Breakfast" Omelette. Could be a good guy gift, from bride to groom. Or maybe the bride wants in? She probably does.

Stay now through September 30th. So, in short: get on it.

If you're a fan of the movie, and you're doing it up full "Hangover" style, we're just asking, please, not to change into a tux while flying down the 15. And let sleeping cats lie.

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