Christmas Cheer at Callaway Winery


A VERY CALLAWAY CHRISTMAS: A winery's barrel room tends to be quite woodsy and wintry all year long, so it seems to us a perfect place to stage a bit of holiday cheer. What makes the Callaway Vineyard and Winery's upcoming Barrel Room event different is that "Babes in Toyland" is a full family affair. While parents sip something lovely and grape-y and nibble at apps at the Temecula-located winery, kids can decorate treats. And everyone can enjoy the caroling.

SATURDAY, DEC. 11: There's also a buffet dinner involved, and involved in that are dishes like garlic-crusted ono and holiday breads and yam and gorgonzola gratin. Oh. Yum. Price is $60, but if your young one is 12 or under, their ticket is $30. Oh, and lookie: Santa will be on the Callaway grounds, too. Very festive, Callaway. Barrel Rooms and ho ho ho. We're feeling the cheer.

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