Fall Special at the Apple Farm

OBISPO-BASED OBSESSING: Maybe that's what we have going on. Just yesterday we were pining -- get it? -- pining -- hmm -- over the woodsy Oak Leaves room at the Madonna Inn. Now we're thinking about the fall special at the Apple Farm, the charmer of a hotel that's not all that far from the San Luis Obispo-based themery.

THE APPLE FARM DEAL: Get a cozy room for $129 (plus tax). That room'll have fall-y touches like a fireplace and decor that suits a spot called the Apple Farm Inn. There are blackout dates and there are things to know, of course. And you'll need to stay by Dec. 23, 2010. That's easy. Also easy: Paying a bit more -- like $20 more -- and getting upgraded to a "specialty" room.

EXTRA AUTUMNAL-NESS: The Avila Valley Barn is in the area. We'd definitely plan a visit during our overnight. That is, if you like things of an apple-butter-y nature. You do, we expect.

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