Film Meets Four Seasons

SOFIA'S SUITE FLICK: We're excited for Sofia Coppola's new Chateau Marmont-set flick "Somewhere," which will be debuting in a matter of days. (It's going the "select theaters" route, as many films do around this time of year, note.) ArcLight is feeling the hotel-movie love, too; they've posted about a contest involving the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, and a "luxury weekend getaway." Sounds good by us.

HOTEL FRIENDS: Now, it is true: Four Seasons Beverly Hills and Chateau Marmont are two entirely different hotels. But don't you think they have a lot in common to talk about? Maybe they meet for drinks, now and then, say in-between, say at Mondrian or The Standard or London West Hollywood? These are the things we think about. Now we invite you to think about potentially winning that weekend. Best follow ArcLight on Facebook for details. "Somewhere" opens at ArcLight on Wednesday, Dec. 22.

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