Finding The MAiZE Around California

STICKING CLOSE TO ONE EDGE... Or never backtracking. Or only ever going left. Or right. Or never looking up. Or using your Spidey senses. When it comes to corn mazes, there are dozens of "insider" tricks for finding one's way through, but, honest now: Do you really want to move at top speeds? You do not. You want to be out among the stalks with your besties, your mom, your little ones, you want to kick through the occasional dried husk and you want to get a little lost, all while breathing in the autumnal sunshine.

THE MAiZE: If you've attempted a cut-through-corn-stalks maze in the last few years, it is very possible it was actually an official The MAiZE, which pop up all over the country come fall, each with an unusual or local or timely pattern. There are eight 2010 MAiZEs around California; the closest locations for SoCalers will be Temecula, San Fernando, and Bakersfield, although they stretch up to Anderson. Could you do all eight in one year? Wouldn't it be great to take a week off work and just cover them all? What? We can dream.

WE REALLY WANT TO SAY IT: With the words "eight" and "MAiZE" before us. That's eight-MAiZE-ing! But then that's a treasured Huell Howser-ism, isn't it? We love it every single time Mr. Howser says it. Every single time.

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