Finicky Traveler Hearts San Ysidro

SAN YSIDRO LOVE: Yeah. It's easy to acquaint feelings de amour with the bougainvillea-bedecked Montecito hideaway that's hosted famous lovers (Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier "I-do'd" here) and non-famous lovers (who appreciate anonymity and who would probably rather we turn our attentions elsewhere). Laura Landro, the Wall Street Journal's longtime (and now departing) "Finicky Traveler," just picked the San Ysidro Ranch as the "Most Romantic" spot in the U.S. (thanks, TravMediaUSA, for the Twitter tip).

ALSO ON MS. LANDRO'S LIST: Another Golden State stay nabs the runner-up spot in the Most Romantic U.S. category. Drum roll, please, or should we make that waves crashing dramatically, Please: the Post Ranch Inn up Carmel way. And the Finicky Traveler also cites Los Angeles as being "Best U.S. City for Hotels."

AN IMPRESSIVE SHOWING: All in all, California represents, and handily. But there's one more nearby spot, just a few hours drive from SoCal, that took the "Best Just for Fun" category. Curious?

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