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GHOULS IN THE GASLAMP AND MORE: We have to get something out of the way. And it is this: Comic-Con, we adore you. We'll queue up for however long it takes to get into panel XYZ, and we'll elbow, politely, through the crowd at the hot comics booth. You've got no competitor in our pop-culture-loving heart. But there was that one year that we were wandering near the convention center, and we happened to see a man in a top hat talking to a group of attentive listeners. There were ghosty tales being told, and our interest was piqued. Was Mr. Top Hat from Comic-Con? Not unlikely, but it was more possible he was leading a group on a Haunted San Diego Ghost Tour.

THE TOUR: You'll be on a bus, and you'll be hoofing it, too. We like that combo. And you'll be going through the atmospheric Gaslamp, of course, as well as by other lesser known but still spirited San Diego sights. A walk-by the jewel-like Horton Grand is on the agenda, too, which should be reason enough to sign up. A few dates near Halloween are now sold-out, but since this is a nightly tour, you're sure to find a spot soon. A ticket is $35, and "corny jokes" are promised and assured. Yessss!

COMIC-CON: Friends? Okay, good. 

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