JetBlue Pop-Up Sale

POP-UP SALE: "One-day-only" always heats the blood a bit, in a good way. It makes you act. That is, if you were inclined to act in the first place. And we're guessing many people out there are inclined to go see friends, or attend a reunion, or be in a wedding, between Oct. 12 and Dec. 15, 2010. And if one of those places you've been thinking about going happens to be Boston or Seattle or Fort Lauderdale or Austin or our Cali cousin to the north, the fine and noble city of San Francisco, you're in pop-up luck.

JETBLUE DEAL: It's happening on Tuesday, Oct. 5 only. That's the "one-day-only" part. Most of the flights included are Long Beach to dot dot dot. The cities we mentioned above and a few others. There's also a Los Angeles-Boston flight on the JetBlue roster. As with every deal, there are need-to-knows, taxes, fees, restrictions, read-this-first-es. Thanksgiving week is not included, says the fine print. And there are certain travel dates for some cities. Just read everything, and be happy you've gained the knowledge going into the process.

TWO MORE QUICK THINGS: Thanks to the Fairmont for spreading the word. And if you're curious about prices, the Long Beach-Seattle leg is $54 (one-way, and, of course, there are taxes/restrictions/need-to-knows). It's a good deal. That's like. What? Twelve fancy cappucinos. Just giving a courtesy nod to one of Seattle's finest exports, the excellent espresso. But there are many gifts Seattle gives to the world. Archie McPhee alone is probably worth the trip.

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