LA and Vegas Make a Movie Hotel List

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MOVIE HOTELS: Whole college theses can be built around how hotels are places of fantasy that inspire filmmakers to turn to them as settings. Wait. That was part of our college thesis. And surely a subject that has been pondered in a scholarly way by people much more professorial than ourselves. In fact, the cinematic sleepover remains a topic of interest to many others, as seen in this movie-hotel list from They've rounded up "The Top Ten Movie Hotels You Should Visit." 

TWO ARE DRIVEABLE: The list cites the Beverly Wilshire, which played a role in "Pretty Woman," and the Bellagio, a swanky setting for "Ocean's 11." The hotels from "Lost in Translation" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" also get big nods. And the beautiful and delightfully eerie Stanley Hotel in Colorado. Halloween is coming; we'd definitely put that on our Halloween hotel list. Which is another list entirely.

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