LA to Mammoth for $49

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FALL DAYS: Well, let's be honest. The trees that go russet 'round these parts will start russeting, oh. About Dec. 1? Maybe before. But there are plenty of California spots going the gold route right about now. The Mammoth area certainly has its share of splendor come early autumn, and we're feeling the splendor over this Horizon Air deal that visitmammoth on the Twitter recently alerted us to.

$49: One way, from Los Angeles to Mammoth. You have to travel between Oct. 4 and Oct. 24, 2010. But that's the height of falldom, right? That's probably when you'd want to go anyway. There are terms and need-to-knows before you go a-purchasing, of course. And you might follow the Fall Color Update on the Mammoth site. Looks like various patches of yellow are starting to peek in around Bishop and other parts. Pull that muffler tighter and head north.

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