Luck Be a Lassie Tonight

WOOF WOOF: We'll wager that if most people could choose who they'd like to blow on a pair of dice, to make 'em lucky, like in the movies, they'd say their own pooch. Because dog people know dogs are lucky. Period. And while we haven't heard of any casinos letting canines belly up to the gaming tables just yet, there is word from a trio of Las Vegas properties that a new pup-friendly policy is in place.

THE PETSTAY PROGRAM: Rio, The Imperial Palace, and Caesars Palace just introduced the PetStay Program. What this means: in-room treats. A cozy-up mat. Special baggies for walkies. And other furry-fun touches. There's a $25 upgrade fee at Caesars and a $20 fee at the other properties, plus other stuff to know -- like the max of two pooches per room -- but, as a dog person, you know you've got to read ahead.

PLUS: A special room service menu. Spoiled. But like anyone goes to Vegas to not be spoiled a little.

REAL-WORLD ADDS: We mentioned some of the glitter, but guests can ask for vet recs and more at the front desk. This part is the necessary and important part of traveling with an animal friend, and we're glad to see it included, along with the foofier fun bits.

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