Midnight Swim on Halloween

Ace Hotel

PALM SPRINGS SCARES: We've eaten a lot of miniatures chocolate bars over the past few dozen Halloweens, so we can check that off the bucket list. Likewise, we've carved a pumpkin or two. But we've never had a midnight swim on that most monstrous of holidays, and we've never had it close to the beautiful desert, where things of a possibly chupacabrian nature might be lurking. That's part of the full weekend plan at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs -- we should say the midnight swim part, not the Chupacabra part -- and there will be other eerie merriments to boot. Or maybe not to boot, but to swim fin, rather.

COSTUMES, DJS, PRIZES: The Flashdance will be providing some of the weekend's tunes (the group's site says "The Flashdance is a collective of artists who think you deserve a rad wedding" -- nice). And if you win the costume contest, there will be -- now, hold onto your mask/boa/stilettos -- a "taco dinner for 10," plus a patio room at the hotel. Yesssss. And then there's the swimming. The hotel asks that you wear your bathing wear under your Halloween wear, in case you find yourself suddenly and completely very wet.

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