Worth the Drive: Ojai Weekend

Sergio Aragones

SERGIO ARAGONÉS IN PERSON: Okay, we can be given to hyperbole. To "bests" and "greatests," for sure. But if you grew up with Mad magazine, you know the work of artist (and Ojai local) Sergio Aragonés. His pen lent loads of tongue-in-cheekiness to the mag's funny, and thousands of young minds were shaped -- weirdly so, perhaps, but with style and pizzazz -- by his viewpoint. We're fans, and we've got a smile as wide as Alfred E. about the fact that the artist has an exhibit at the Ojai Valley Museum through October 4th. Bonus: Mr. Aragonés is appearing on Sunday, September 20th, to talk "Comics & Humor" from 2-4PM; if you grew up with him, shouldn't you go? You'd be mad not to. Best call ahead for reservations before 101ing it.

TASTE OF OJAI: Shoulders already unknotting. This food festival is happening at the relax-a-lot Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, which is reason enough to recommend it. Pretty setting. But the dozen and a half or so restaurants on the list makes this a serious rec. It can be hard to try out eating spots outside our immediate area, so when a "Taste Of" comes along in a nearby city, we always think it is a good idea to attend. Sample everything at once. The dish to-do happens Saturday, September 19th from 3-6PM.

PIRATE FAIRE: You've just had your leather doublet and saucy tavern dress cleaned. Now, where to wear 'em? Well. It's Los Angeles, and we think people should dress how they like, so, anywhere. But, if you want to hang out and do pirate-y things with other people sporting tri-cornered hats and breeches, head for Lake Casitas near Ojai. Song and tales are being told September 19th and 20th and September 26th-27th. Should we also mention that September 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate Day"? We probably should.

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