One Weekend, Gallons of Guac

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PIQUANT AND PEAR-SHAPED: It makes sense that a Golden State city sets aside three days every fall to fete the avocado. After all, there's a section on the California Avocado Festival site that looks at "California's Cash Crop," that green orb that brought green to growers throughout the decades. (We also learned that ubiquitous Haas did not come along until the 1930s; interesting).

FROM GREEN TO GUAC: Of course, attendees don't make for Carpinteria every autumn just to get schooled in the ways of the 'cado. They're there to eat, and eat they do. The guacamole, in all of its seemingly infinite varieties, is a headliner; but we also tip a pit to the famous ice cream. You'd try it, right? After all, our luscious, crinkly-skinned favorite is indeed a fruit.

DATES: The 2010 California Avocado Festival is Oct. 1-3 in Carpinteria.

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