Otter Pups Debut at Santa Barbara Zoo

Katie Clemons

ZOO DEBUT: Here are all the "checks" you need for the sweet story out of the Santa Barbara Zoo this week. Baby animals? Check. Paws that are nearly the size of the baby animals' little noggins? Check. Whiskery chins? Check. "Awww" factor? Check check check. Pretty much every baby-animal-debuting-at-a-zoo tale gets big play, and for good reason; people like fuzzy, small things that look cuddly. And when those fuzzy, small things are otter pups? Expect cuddle-loving crowds.

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 10: The date some of the eight-week-old Asian Small-Clawed Otter Pups will debut at the zoo. There are a lot of fun facts surrounding the litter, like they're the first of these pups to be born at the zoo in over two decades. But we want to end with the names of the pups' parents, which just happen to be Jillian and Bob. We've never thought of "Jillian" and "Bob" as being otter monikers before, but clearly we need to expand our ideas of naming conventions. We like.

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