Picture This Hotel, But in Gingerbread

HO-HO-HOTEL: This is Christmas from the movies. This is walking into a lobby or around a hotel and seeing not one, not two, but just shy of 30 trees, all lit up and heavily ornamented. This is seeing the hotel you're staying in, only smaller but made from gingerbread. This is the way many people like it when it comes to holiday travel. So who is going the all-out route? We have word that The Claremont in Berkeley is right now prepping its "Home for the Holidays" deal and look.

THAT DEAL AND LOOK: Rates will start at $189. Handy for people needing to see family in the area. And the look? Lights and twinkles and bunting and garland all over, and that aforementioned, likely quite-over-the-top gingerbread hotel. The Claremont says the decor will start appearing before Nov. 18, but the big lobby lighting is scheduled for Nov. 23. A grand old hotel doing it up for the season feels right and cheery. Our only question is, what does the Claremont taste like?

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