Potential Celebrity Elevator Sharing Possibilities

Hotel Santa Barbara

THAT ONE HOTEL: Regardless of city or time of year or theme, every film festival seems to have that one inn that becomes the de facto hub of the event. Or not de facto, but official, hub. It's where the filmmakers stay or hang out, the bar is busy and buzzy, and famous people on occasion do share your elevator (we love when famous people push the buttons for us; makes us feel powerful, or fancy, or both). That hotel for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival is Hotel Santa Barbara.

"FILM SLEEPS" DEALS: The fest, which runs from Thursday, Jan. 27 through Sunday, Feb. 6, has been very active about hooking attendees up with the best stay-over packages around town; there are several great spots to choose from, in fact. But Hotel Santa Barbara is the hubbiest of the hubs, if that's your thing. The deal is called Lights, Camera, Action!, and starts at $459 for a two-night, midweek stay (weekend is higher, no surprise). So. Who will push your buttons?

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