San Diego Film Festival


HOT HOT FILM: So, it isn't too cool for our friends down the coast, either, this last week of September 2010. Time to escape into a theater for a little escapism, a little storytelling, a little film festival magic. San Diego is delivering that from Sept. 29 through Oct. 3 via the San Diego Film Festival.

9TH OUTING: This cineparty week is nearly a decade old, meaning it isn't so huge that you get lost in the listings, but it is big enough to get inside. Translation? A movie for everyone, from animation ("Amazonia") to documentary ("Bag It," which looks at plastic bag usage) to features (like "Norman," pictured above). Really great features, looks like. There are, it looks like, a few dozen flicks to choose from, too.

GASLAMPERY: SDFF takes place in the city's historic quarter, which is an additional carnation in its buttonhole. See a film; get a beer in some decades-old tavern, discuss plot. Then, see another film. Then, do it again the next day. 

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