San Francisco Cocktail Week

PISCO PUNCH AND BEYOND: Here's the thing. When you're a smidge northwest of America's Salad Bowl, a smidge south of several famous wine and gourmet-eating regions, and firmly ensconced in a city that can seem to swirl around a meal made beautifully, you can bet your drinks deliver. And how.

SAN FRANCISCO COCKTAIL WEEK: It's September 21-27, 2010. There will be cookouts and happy hours. There will be talk of that historic Barbary Coast beverage, the Pisco Punch (brandy's the kicker), as well as the newer concoctions that are turning to surprising ingredients. Yes, we've seen the bacon martinis, we like the idea of bacon martinis, but float a pepperoni slice on top of that vodka and we're yours forever, San Francisco. Or maybe a hunk of sourdough balanced on the rim? Helps with the soaking-up-inside bit, we'd guess.

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