Santa Barbara Chowder Fest

CHOWDERS, ALL SORTS: We missed the 2010 Chowderfest at Boston Harbor over the summer. We missed the Chowderfest Weekend that recently went down in New Jersey. And while we sometimes sigh and envy our eastern friends for their proximity to so many creamy-stew-based bashes, we needn't. Not only does the Golden State do its own seafood stews, and very well, thank you, but they throw the occasional party to celebrate.

SANTA BARBARA CHOWDER FESTIVAL: The savory-concoction-in-a-bowl party, which is happening on Sunday, Oct. 24 from 1-6 p.m., is part of the larger, all-October-long It's happening at the Montecito Country Club, so you know the environs will be plenty spectacular. There will be local libations, libations here being of a winely, beerly sort. And chowders. Lots of chowdery things to try. We just need to make sure there is more chowder in our bowl than tiny, octagonal crackers. Do you have issues with the tiny, octagonal cracker overload? Perhaps we all do. We just can't stop.

TICKETS: A ticket is $75 ahead of the day, $90 there. Food & Home Magazine is the presenter of the day.

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