Worth the Drive: Santa Barbara French Festival

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The Santa Barbara French Festival: It will mark its quarter-century birthday in just a couple of years, meaning that it knows a thing or two about celebrating la belle vie.

Dates: Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, July 18

Place: Oak Park in Santa Barbara

Poodles on parade: The potential of seeing a dog in a beret is high at the festival, which makes the famous Poodle Parade one of the headlines of the weekend. But mimes, Edith Piaf tributes, wine, Moroccan and Cajun dishes, and beverages of a Frenchly sort -- Orangina, yes, and lots of it -- are also there for the looking/quaffing/tasting/enjoying.

And cancan: Have we seen cancan live? Is that possible we haven't? That's so wrong. Must correct immediately.

Gratuitement: Mais oui. It's a free thing. No admission (other delights will be additional, but of course). Enjoying mimely antics without paying? With wine in the vicinity? And something of a baguette-ish nature? Weekend at its most weekend-y.

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