Skating by the Sea Package


SEA, SKY, ICE: If you want to see a big slab of thick ice next to an ocean, you generally have to go to polar bear territory, or pretty close, at least. And since we're happy to leave the polar bears frolicking undisturbed, we'll look for our big-slab-of-ice-near-the-ocean opportunities closer to home. Oh, and look here: Hotel del Coronado has set up a good-sized rink next to the beach. And when we say "next to the beach" we aren't whistling "Deck the Halls," either. It's right there. See photo above, for the full wow factor.

THE PACKAGE: It's called "Skating by the Sea," it is on at the Coronado Island landmark through New Year's Day, it starts at $215/night, and there are lessons involved. The thing is you'll really need to concentrate on those lessons, and not how fantastic it is to be actually ice skating steps from our sunny blue friend, the Pacific. It'll be hard, but you can do it. Concentrate.

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