Solvang’s Sparkly Tree


TREE LIGHTING: Solvang's annual Julefest has had a good fortnight to warm up, but we also don't want things getting *too* warmed-up, seeing as how this is a wintry celebration and mittens should be mandatory. (We also don't want anyone quibbling with our usage of "fortnight," which is practically mandatory around the ye olde yuletide.) Now comes one of the centerpieces of the village celebration: the tree lighting.

FRIDAY, DEC. 3: With pompery and circumstancery and dancery and several people playing merry songs on various instruments, Solvang will make its fir all pretty-like. Stop by and admire and carol and be mitten-y, if you're in that neck of the woods. And if you can't make the actual ceremony, but will be in the area for shopping or wine-sipping in the coming weeks, well. Save us a glass, and make sure to clog by and admire the big beauty. (Do people in Solvang say "clog on by" instead of "come on by"? We certainly hope so.)

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