Spooky Shout-Out for Suite 229

MAKE ROOM: We could talk about hotels all day -- you too? -- but we like when the matter at hand turns to specific rooms. Because travelers know they can return to the same property a dozen times, and stay in a dozen rooms, and the experience can be different within each. With that in mind, we like to see a specific room get a shout-out, and we like it when that shout-out has a certain supernatural bent. Because haunted hotels. They're the stuff of movie legend, "here's Johnny" et al, and come October, we want to know more. <cue creepy music>

SUITE 229: Urban Daddy just went and did a whole listy on spooky stays, with specific rooms noted, around the country. Yep, the Stanley in Colorado is on the list (see "here's Johnny" above). But so is the Hollywood Roosevelt, that candlelit doyenne of a certain star-sidewalk'd boulevard. Read more over at Urban Daddy, and, even if you can't book a room before Halloween, we find sitting in the lobby after a Guinness milkshake to be extremely atmospheric indeed.

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