Sundance Tips from Sundance’s Director

Puppy Survives Inferno

PARK CITY PLANNER: The easy-breezy "plan your Sundance visit" column that was just posted by John Cooper, the film festival's director, isn't a full gridded-out what's what and who's who. Like we said, it is easy-breezy, meaning Mr. Cooper offers a few links, like to the festival's NEXT section, and tips on how to make the most of however many days you'll be in town, movie-soaking-upping. It's a good read even if you've been to the Sundance Film Festival multiple times, or are still toying with making 2011 your first visit. The dates are Jan. 20-30, so if you ever were going to get on it, the getting-on-it is starting right about now.

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