The 1st Las Vegas Halloween Parade

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FREMONT-CLOSE FRIGHT NIGHT: When you see "1st" next to the words "Las Vegas Halloween Parade," you can be forgiven for doing a double-take. Because, of course, this is a city that treasures dress-up on a daily basis, that makes a living from fantasy and the fantastic, and you're just as liable to see a man in a bejeweled white jumpsuit picking up a carton of milk at the store as you are anyone else. But Sin City's 2010 Halloween Parade does indeed have "1st" in its title, meaning a lot of revelers from near and far will show to check it out.

THE ROUTE: The Strip is not on the map for this one, but the parade will pass by the Fremont Street Experience, so make sure your get-up looks good when lit by thousands of blinky-blinky bulbs. Also, there's the not-a-suggestion-so-much-as-a-command on the parade's site: "Don't come as yourself." Would you really? Halloween night? Las Vegas? This all gets going rather early in the evening on Sunday, Oct. 31, leaving you loads of time to do all the other Vegas-y things you'd like to do later in the night. Just remember you'll be covered in body glitter or neon make-up. Like that matters.

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