The Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts

06-20-16--summer sunset-FOSTER CITY-8
Indira Lopez Penasco

COCKTAILS AND COMMUNITY: When you think of a community center, do you think of a few basketballs and jump ropes here and there, a cafeteria, a pile of photocopied fliers about free matinees by the door? Those are a few happy hallmarks. Rarely, if ever, however, have we pictured a community center filled with fizz-sipping smarties discussing all things drinky. Turns out we need to start picturing it, however, thanks to the debut of the Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts in San Francisco.

TUESDAY, SEPT. 21: That's day one for the Boothby, which H. Joseph Ehrmann, one of the founders, describes as "a sort of community center for the beverage circles." And it is no coincidence that that the drink-focused debut also happens to be day one for San Francisco Cocktail Week. There's going to be a conference room at the Boothby, and a "beverage lab." The location is 1161 Mission, and tickets to the opening party are $25 each.

UPPING THE GAME: If you're a bar owner, and you've been wanting to start a place where people can relax and sip tasty concoctions, consider the game just upped. Of all the tavern themes that have come down the pike in recent years, "community center" -- and the fact that it isn't just themed like a community center, but has community center-ish elements -- puts the Boothby at the forefront of snappy ideas.

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