The Monte Carlo’s Dinnertime 3-Martini Lunch

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TRIO OF TASTY: In an ultra-suave "Mad Men"-mad world, the concept of the 3-martini lunch has grown in legend. Does anyone really plunk down at noon in a Draper-sharp suit, throw back a few, and then taxi back to the office to close the big deal? Maybe on television. But in Las Vegas, where all things born in fantasy flourish at some point in the future, the famous beverage-laden meal is receiving new play, in a fresh way, at a new time of day.

ANDRE'S AT THE MONTE CARLO: The restaurant is now serving three frosty concoctions starting at 5 p.m. each day. On the menu: a Hendricks Gin beverage involving cukes and tomatoes. The second drink has smoked vodka and olives with caviar. And the third? A dessert-y sip, of course. There are corresponding bites served with each, and all for $22. No need to wear your pinafore or Roger Sterling gray two-buttoner, but you might dress a little. Old-school Strip, is all we're saying.

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