The Spirits of San Diego

True, the city is said to have its haunts, but this party is all about sips.

FIVE YEARS OF LIBATIONS: Top tens and twenties and best-of lists rule the internet, it's true. What would onlinedom be without its Top Ten Lists? A whole lot emptier. And any top beer roster, as in craft beers or fancy beers or bespoke beers or posh breweries, is going to contain a particular city's name at some point: San Diego. San Diego, in the last decade or so, has become one of the supreme cities of all things suds, with a bevy of top-notch brewhouses -- think San Diego Brewing Company, Barrel Harbor Brewing, and Coronado Brewing Company, among many others -- regularly appearing on the industry's most glowable lists. With all due respect to beer, though, the city has a vibrant spirits scene, one that's been on full display for the last half decade courtesy of the San Diego Spirits Festival. The weekend long toast is set to pour again on Saturday, Aug. 24 and Sunday, Aug. 25 at the Port Pavilion.

AND YES... of course local beers will make a showing -- they should and must -- but attendees will also sip on cocktails made by the region's most excellent beveragians. (Should "beveragian" replace "mixologist" for awhile, a great word that's had a long, long run? We're making the pitch.) Brands like Bracero Tequila, Venom Vodka, and Peregrine Rock'll be in the glasses. Cost for an afternoon? Ninety bucks.

MORE SPIRITS... If you visited the post thinking we might be set to talk about the area's rather ghosty history, we hate to leave you hauntless. So take heart: The Whaley House, reputed to be one of the nation's most spirited abodes (by various ghost-hunting organizations that do the reputing), will soon be entering its October season. Meaning? More after-dark tours, more terrifying tales, more "did that rocking chair just move?" sightings. Brave enough? Best keep an eye on this calendar. The October schedule will be up before you know it.

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