Visiting “The 13th Floor” at Circus Circus

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13TH FLOOR LORE: Hotels and the whole 13th floor mythos go way back; probably back to the day when hotels starting getting actual floors past the first one. You know what we're talking about here. You get on an elevator, you lean into push your floor -- say, floor 8, or floor 20 -- and you notice something odd. Next to the "12" button is the "14" button. A number is most definitely missing. And if you think that has a lot to with how a lot of people feel toward the number that comes after 12 but before 14, you'd be correct.

BUT... there are those places that celebrate the 13th floor. The Fairmont just did an interesting write-up on hotels that *do* boldly mark their 13th floor as such -- scroll to the bottom to read -- and then there's Circus Circus in Las Vegas. The lit-up clownery is hosting "The 13th Floor Experience" during October, which will take the brave up an elevator, to the 13th floor, and through 13 rooms. And within those 13 rooms? Well, if you think there might be more scares than complimentary soaps within, you'd be correct.

THROUGH OCT. 31, 2010: It's on every day from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. A ticket is 13 bucks. Easy to remember. And if you're in the mood for one of the best steaks in Vegas afterwards, you're in luck, and very, very close.

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