World's Largest H&M to Open in Vegas

BIG. REALLY, REALLY BIG: Sometimes you just have to put something out there and then back away, because that something stands so well on its own. And when "the world's largest" appears in front of any item or object or location, well. That's pretty impressive, and pretty stand-alone, in our opinion. H&M, that uber-fashionable, don't-spend-a-ton clothing chain that's gained a few fans from here to very faraway, will be debuting its largest location on the planet at the Forum Shops at Caesars on Saturday, Dec. 11. (The date on the blog says "Oct. 11," but it is indeed Saturday, Dec. 11.)

THERE ARE FAN-NICE GIVEAWAYS, TOO: Like a shopping spree for one happy H&Mer. Even if you're not at opening day, bet this store'll be doing some humming business in the days to come. Christmas still ahead, and New Year's, too. People like to go to Vegas for New Year's Eve, right? We josh.

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