The Peninsula Girls Getaway

GIRLS GETAWAY: If you've ever wanted to feel a tad fancier -- and you know what mean by this -- ten minutes sitting in the lobby at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills can help you achieve that feeling. If champagne is involved in any manner, we both know that the fancying-up quotient pretty much goes through the hotel's French-chateau-y roof. Now the Peninsula is working with Tory Burch to provide a Girls Getaway deal.

CHAMPERS TO SPA TO SHOPPING: When you read "Tory Burch," you probably think, well, there must be something to do with the two Tory Burch shops in town. Smart. The deal includes two $100 gift cards, and if you can't get to the shops (which will be open for after-hour looking for you), an in-room presentation of products can be scheduled (it is called, in fact, "a mini-trunk show.") Fancy? Fancy. There's also $50 you can use at the spa, and continental breakfast, and other luxe touches. It's on through Dec. 15, 2010. Someone you know has a birthday and is a Burch buff and wants to be fancier? A night starts at $665.

MINI-TRUNK SHOW: If you had a mini-trunk show in your beautiful, plush-towel'd hotel room, wouldn't you just have to tell everyone you meet forever? We'd probably use the words "mini-trunk" a thousand times.

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