WTF? Train Sounds Baffle Hollywood.

Mysterious blasts driving some locals to think they're crazy.

Ever been sitting in your living room, innocently watching a 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' marathon (please, you know you do), and suddenly hear the distinct sound of a train blasting its horn past your window? Only there are no train tracks in Hollywood other than the underground ones, such as they are.

Lots of anecdotal reports of the mysterious blasts have cropped up from Eastside residents. So is a renegade choo-choo touring LA willy-nilly at night, or are they imagining things? There are two theories:

1. The train is real. One Silver Lake blogger, hearing a train from a seemingly impossible distance, discovered that depending on the weather train horns can be heard from miles away. 

2. Train horn kits. Eerily real-sounding gadgets can transform your bleating car or truck horn into what sounds like a thousand-ton freighter. They're kind of bad-ass, but seriously annoying on a residential street. 

That sound you hear now? The relief of mystified locals who can rest assured they haven't somehow overlooked a locomotive in their living rooms.


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