Ye Olde Ren Faire Hotel Package

Don't want to head right home after the revelries? Huzzah!

TURKEY-LEG'D OUT: If you've ever spent an entire day at a renaissance faire, you know what we mean when we say that a person can get turkey-leg'd out by the close of the day. If you're not a turkey leg fan, feel free to substitute "joust'd out" or "madrigal'd out." It's that special brand of tired that comes over one when they've consumed many eats and enjoyed many colorful revelries all within a few hours' time. Flagons of mead, or mead-type product, have been savored, dances have been viewed, jesters have been applauded. And now? The long drive home, where one must face freeways distinctly lacking in jesters and jousting (although we suppose that freeways do have some jest and joust to them). What's the serious medieval fan to do when the big fair sets up the booths? Find a stay-over package somewhere in the vicinity. And huzzah! The Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Southern California's annual springtime rite, has a deal on with the Doubletree near Santa Fe Dam.

ROYAL PACKAGES: There are actually two packages that tie-into Ren Faire. The first, the Lord Mayor's Package, nabs you a room, two tickets to the festival, and a shuttle ride to and fro (this is seriously one of the best parts). It starts at $149. The Queen's Package is a bit more but breakfast is an add-on, in case you need some sustenance ahead of that ye olde snacking. This is the Doubletree in Monrovia, note, so you won't be adjacent to Santa Fe Dam, but not to far (and, anywho, you'll be shuttling it). Now, will your costume fit inside the shuttle? That's something worth considering. If you go tights and a doublet, you should be fine.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire opens on Saturday, April. 6.

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