Yep. It's Oktoberfest Time.

IT'S A ROASTER: Well. It's late August around Southern California, meaning things have been closer to scorchy than not. It may seem as if beach days will stretch out for months to come, and yet one of the fall's liveliest traditions is set to open in a matter of days. Are you ready for the word we're about to type? Of course you are; you read the headline of the post (we hope). That word is Oktoberfest, and, like all great Oktoberfests, it starts in September. And Old World Village in Huntington Beach has a way of not only starting in September but very early September. Can we all agree that Sunday, Sept. 4 is very early September? It is. So our question is this: How long before Old World Village gets the Oktoberfestian festivities going in August? Next year? The year after? Soon, we hope.

OUR OTHER QUESTIONS: Where are our brats? And dachshund races? And chicken dances? We're ready to get this party going. And it is a big'n. Old World Village's Oktoberfest has several things going down throughout its two-month, Wednesday through Sunday run, including Happy Hours and special family nights. If you're planning on hitting it before its 2011 closing date -- that's Sunday, Oct. 30 -- you'll want to check the full schedule. Oh, you're looking for oompah bands? They'll have oompah bands. Boy will they. Steins up, SoCal!

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