Yep, There's a Black Friday App

Keeping track of the deals from your phone.

That Black Friday kind of blurred the edges into Black Thursday was one of the stories of last year. It kind of held our attention for a mite too long -- all those post-Thanksgiving sales actually starting on Thanksgiving seemed like time and space were folding in new and strange ways. We began to think that Black Friday might take over a whole week, or month, come 2009.

Nope, one of the new developments in Black Fridayiana for this year is the Black Friday Wish, an app that keeps you updated on what major retailers are doing in the whole deals department.

Of course. An app. 2008 crystal ball, you failed us.

On the retailer roster the app is keeping an eye on: Toys R Us, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, Macy's, and a couple dozen more, by the looks of it, with more to come. The selection is also divided by item type, apparel, appliances, and so forth.

The Black Friday Wish is from Smart Apps Solutions; it is 99 cents. If you're really a through-and-through, up-at-4AM Black Fridayer, the iTunes store has a whole Black Friday section going on. Better load up the phone before loading up the trunk with all those bags.

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