Yesterday's Paper Today

Yesterday... It doesn't seem so faraway. Everyone around town was lined up for multiple -- and we mean multiple -- copies of The Los Angeles Times. People were crowing about newspaper-buying successes (we can only imagine they started stand-hopping before the sun was up), while hordes of sadder, sleepier Angelenos were out looking for sellers who weren't fresh out of the much-in-demand edition with the historic win of President-Elect Barack Obama on the front page.

The Los Angeles Times clearly knows that, even a day late, people want that paper. With that in mind, the Times has made the November 5 edition available for purchase now. Political hounds, avid scrapbookers and anyone who wants a bit of history to show the grandkids can purchase papers in the lobby of the Times building (kudos to blogdowntown).

It kind of reminds us of that show -- "Early Edition," we believe? -- where a guy got tomorrow's headlines today and drama/romance ensued. But no drama here -- just a great idea for a lot of history hounds who missed out on finding a copy yesterday. Disappointment resolved.

Sales will be held Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Back issue of Nov. 5 newspaper edition: $0.50

Keepsake color front page replica poster suitable for framing (8.5 x 14): $5

Commemorative printing press plate suitable for framing (normal broadsheet newspaper size): $10

Hours of Operation Downtown: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Cash Only

Los Angeles Times (enter at the building's lobby)
145 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles

Additional sales available at our Orange Country facilities:
1375 Sunflower, Costa Mesa

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