Yoga in the Neon Boneyard

Need some unwind time in Las Vegas? Head for the big signs.

LAS VEGAS... is a pretty far-fetched place, most (read: all) days of the year. You can take a front row seat and watch clowns do flips, or aerialists twirl, or magicians make people disappear (and reappear, fingers crossed). The food choices are as unlikely and lovely, from towering sugary creations to flaming drinks to one-of-a-kind dining events that push into the high hundreds, price-wise. But exercise, for the most part, still takes place in hotel gyms, and various hiker-nice canyons, and The Strip, too, if you awaken early enough for a not-too-crowded jog. There is a new place, filled with older gems, to get your workout on, specifically your yoga poses and stretches. It isn't a studio, or even a park, but rather the Neon Museum, which is home to some of the most iconic, bulb-laden signage to ever grace Sin City. That's right...

POP-UP HOT YOGA SESSIONS... near all of those famous hotel and restaurant artifacts is a Thing, with a capital T, over the summer of 2016, though the classes are not on daily. The final one is happening on the final day of August, if you're thinking of doing an early-Labor-Day-Weekend-y thing in Las Vegas, though there are other sessions still to come. Certified Instructor Eileen Lorraine will take beginners, intermediate practitioners, and advance enthusiasts through the moves during the one-hour class, a class that will be held "in the shaded portion of the Neon Boneyard." Ah yes, this is an early evening event, happening at 5:30 p.m., so those signs won't yet be lit. But consider how dramatic a backdrop they'll make for your downward dogs, and how all of the colors and swirls and details may inspire some new thinking paths as you pause and breathe deeply. Want to go? It's $18, and you'll want to find a date when it is happening.

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