You, a Soda Bottle, and Rocket Science

The Discovery Science Center pairs with Boeing for a fun day of science.

UP AND AWAY: While we all romanticize the science-y outings of our youth -- the trip to the mineral room at the natural history museum, the making of the chicken wire volcano, messy experiments with baking soda -- there are few memories than can equal rocket-type memories. Think back now, to when your class followed the science teacher out onto the baseball field, and she set up a cool launcher and vroom! There went the small projectile your class had spent the week building, straight into space (or at least hundreds of feet into the atmosphere). It was exciting and thrilling, both, and that excitement lasts into adulthood. Many a grown-up still builds rocket models, and all of us, regardless of age, love seeing a few sent straight up. The Discovery Science Center people definitely do, which is no surprise, and they're partnering with Boeing for a free day of rocket-launching high jinks, in Huntington Beach on Saturday, May 11.

YEP, HUNTINGTON BEACH: That's the first thing to make clear. This is indeed a Discovery Science Center event, but the annual Rocket Launch is held at Boeing in Huntington Beach and not in Santa Ana. And here's the really fun bit: It isn't just about watching the rockets but building your own, and getting assistance from Boeing engineers and rocket specialists. The material? Two-liter soda bottles, of course, that famous item that's been sent high thousands of times (if youtube is any judge). If you have young'uns interested in rocketry, this is the day, but a warning: guests get wet, as water is used a propulsion method. What's a little H20, though, especially when you can win the honor of having the longest "hang time" for your rocket? For all the details on this slightly surreal soda bottle science, and how to get in on this free day, click on, rocket man/woman.

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